Bokani Dyer is a multi-award winning Motswana-South African pianist, composer and

producer. His recent career highlights include playing at the opening of the London Jazz

Festival (2015), showcasing his Trio at Jazzahead in Bremen, Germany (2016), headlining

the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (2015) and an artistic residency at the Bird’s

Eye jazz club in Basel, Switzerland (2014).

His is a strong, individual sound and an emblem of the rise of a new wave of

contemporary jazz voices. – Mail & Guardian.

Dyer’s music is appreciated for it’s emotional depth with “soulful notes, spiritual tones,

sophisticated concepts, and simply presented notions”. He draws on a multiplicity of

influences, from his Southern African cultural heritage through to Bach, Abdullah Ibrahim

and Miles Davis, crafting and creating a repertoire based on musical egalitarianism, "a

celebration of all music with no borders."

"Compositions, playing and the consistency of Dyer’s voice and vision make Emancipate

the Story one of my top albums of the year. "– Gwen Ansell, Business Day


28 FEBRUARY - 4 MARCH 2018